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So my school’s bookstore sells exacto’s …

they also sell indivdual blades … So I got a new exacto.

Tonight should be interesting…

Going to attempt to buy blades today

Not even to cut. I just need blades near me. Not having blades freaked me out way too much. I thought I could handle not having blades. I was wrong. 

That awkward moment …

That awkwad moment when you tried for a good hour or so to find something sharp enough to cut yourself with and failed, but an hour or so later, you managed to skin/cut your knee on accident by some mysterious object. 

I think the universe is trying to tell me something. 

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

My back up is way too dull … I don’t want to take apart my new razor … I don’t have anything else. I cannot use scissors … those don’t shit. 

Why the fuck did I throw out my blades … 

UGH … My skin is burning now. Fuck. Need a release.

Yup. Going to cut.

I just can’t handle it anymore. 

I wish I had my usual device … I’m going to have to use my back up’s. 

I wish I could cry but I can’t do that either. 


Mess. Such a mess. 

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Every fucking time

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  • razor blade: hey, hey you. lookie here.
  • me: leave me alone.
  • razor blade: c'mon. just take a quick glance. it won't hurt.
  • me: stop it.
  • razor blade: hey, you know you want me. look, I'm so shiny and sharp. you don't even have to press hard this time.
  • me: shut up.
  • razor blade: c'mon. just one more time? for old time's sake?
  • me:
  • razor blade: please? I promise. it'll be the last time.
  • me: you said that last time.
  • razor blade: well, this time I mean it.
  • me: sure?
  • razor blade: of course. c'mon. would I lie to you? we're best friends.
  • me: okay.

I’m buying blades … I can’t handle this anymore …